Bootstrappers 2016 – A Year in Review

Continuing the tradition of the last three years, here is a selection of the best ‘Year in Review’ articles by bootstrappers and solopreneurs for 2016.

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Brennan Dunn: A Year In Review 2016

Brennan Dunn Brennan Dunn

Brennan’s 2016 Year In Review

Brennan’s Year in Review is replete with strategies that have helped him grow his business helping freelancers. From techniques on how to double organic traffic to when to sell the business, this article should not be missed.

James Clear: A Year In Review 2016

james-clear James Clear

James’ 2016 Year In Review

James’ year in review is more introspective than the others. However, it does show how he has grown his readership to over one million per month.  With renewed focus in 2017, he plans to write more and personalize the experience for his audience.

Ashley Baxter: A Year In Review 2016

Jack’s Year In Review

Ashley Baxter Ashley Baxter

Jack’s Year In Review

Ashley review her 2016 building ‘Jack’ from her base in Glasgow, Scotland. What worked: viral sites, tools, CRM and what didn’t: promotions. The culmination of the year was winning an industry award but what struck me was the integrity of the post – honest and enlightening. Ashley’s final sign off is one we can all aspire to: “I’ve dipped my toe in the water. I like it. I’m going all in”.

Brendan Hufford: A Year In Review 2016

Brendan Hufford Brendan Hufford

Annual Review 2016

The Entrepreneur Dad is focused on maintaining his full time job, building a business and not ruining his family! I’m not sure that’s focus but he seems to be achieving all his dreams! This cathartic post goes in to deep decisions about family and loved ones as well as doubling down in 2017 on his new agency business.

Christopher Hawkins: A Year In Review 2016

Christopher HawkinsChristopher Hawkins

2016 Year In Review

Christopher unleashes a characteristically tumultuous post on the ups and downs of launching a product business. Christopher returned to full time consulting but truly shipped in 2016: podcasts, email courses, books, coaching programs… not all were successful in his eyes but each was a learning process that will put him in good stead for 2017.

Ashley Gibson: A Year In Review 2016

Ashley Gibson Ashley Gibson

2016 in Review – Not What I Expected

Ashley, the American girl living in England, creates WordPress products. In 2016, she learnt that it’s ok to change your mind. Sometimes being in a team is a good thing and that being on your own isn’t for everyone. Being happy should come first and working for others doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own things.

Josh Doody: A Year In Review 2016

Josh Doody Josh Doody

My 2016 Year In Review: From zero to profitable

Josh, publisher of the book: fearless salary negotiation, doubled down on the content that was working for him. After trebling his email list, consistently increasing his coaching rates, he had a difficult but fulfilling year. Focusing on fewer products and more sales have resulted in him being financially independent.

Jane Portman: A Year In Review 2016

Jane Portman Jane Portman

UI Breakfast Year in Review 2016

Jane’s review of her business, UI Breakfast, is a lesson to us all: what works for others won’t necessarily work for everyone. So, whilst a few strategies didn’t bear fruit (coaching, community forums and training), Jane saw success in her new product, Tiny Reminder as well as grew her business with podcasts, emails and courses. Jane truly ‘shipped’ this year and it shows.

Patrick McKenzie: A Year In Review 2016

Patrick McKenzie Patrick McKenzie

Kalzumeus Software Year In Review 2016

Patrick leads us on a rollercoaster of emotions regarding the successful sale of his SaaS app to the ultimate closure of his next. The new adventure is a full time role at Stripe but I’m sure we’ll see more insights outside of his day job in the coming months.

Rachel Andrew: A Year in Review 2016

Rachel Andrew Rachel Andrew

2016: A Year in Review

13 countries and 34 conferences weren’t enough for Rachel this year! Wow! Perch, Rachel’s bootstrapped CMS platform went from strength to strength with the the launch of an e-commerce system. Rachel also became a Google Developer Expert due to the writing and speaking she does with respect to CSS.