Do Entrepreneurs Enjoy Fear

I’ve been scared. Very scared. Many, many times. Building successful startups has, at least in my experience, been scary. Most people avoid fear and avoid situations that make them scared. I’m certainly no exception. But sometimes, I lean in to the fear and do it because it’s scary. These are often the times when I have the most rewarding results. I don’t always succeed but there is always a takeaway

seth-godin – Seth Godin, Feel the Fear

Most of the things we avoid are avoided because we’re afraid of being afraid.

… By feeling it, by exposing themselves to the resistance, [entrepreneurs] become more alive and do work that they’re most proud of.

Do entrepreneurs enjoy fear? The press often writes about how entrepreneurs are risk takers. However, almost all successful entrepreneurs that I have met have met are risk minimizers. They are excellent at estimating risk and then at minimizing their exposure to that risk whilst maximizing their potential return.

But, do entrepreneurs enjoy fear?