Podcasts for Bootstrappers and Solopreneurs

Bootstrappers and solopreneurs have shared goals. They are all in search of personal and financial freedom.

They are also the most open, honest and interesting group I have ever met. The community happily shares advice and help so that you can avoid all the mistakes they made. They are also keen to share strategies that have helped them grow their businesses, attract more customers and increase their revenues.

These are the best podcasts from the entrepreneur community that provide honest and more importantly actionable advice for you to grow your business.

Bootstrapped with Kids

brecht-palomboscott-yewellBrecht Palombo & Scott Yewell

The cry of children often heard in the background, this podcast is honest, open and full of candour. Brecht and Scott are passionate about creating businesses that can be run from home. You will hear actionable advice, inspirational ideas and a touch of profanity whilst you laugh and write notes on how to grow your business.

Bootstrapped Web

brian-caselBrian Casel

Actions speak louder than words is Brian’s motto. Self-taught and also a great teacher, this podcast is full of learnings and advice directly from Brian. It’s also perfect for those running a SaaS app as you get to hear from industry leaders through regular interviews. Brian has launched many online businesses and is currently running  Restaurant Engine.

Product People

justin-jacksonJustin Jackson

Justin is full of energy and enthusiasm for each episode. You will find the best industry leaders as interview guests. Don’t miss this one, it’s quirky but you’ll love it. Justin isn’t releasing many new episodes but all the interviews are timeless and full of strategies that have worked for interviewees. He has made great strides in the last six months growing his own business with humility. As a result, he often bags the best guests and interviewees.

Business of Freelancing

brennan-dunnBrennan Dunn

Broadcast by the multi-talented Brennan Dunn, this podcast focuses on growing your consulting business and productizing your processes. It’s not released as often as many of the podcasts here but it has buckets of brilliant advice for solopreneurs and freelancers. Humble and actionable, this is not one you want to miss.

andrey-butovian-landsmanAndrey Butov & Ian Landsman

Feature rich and full of links, this bootstrapping podcast covers everything from programming languages, ebooks and tech conferences through to hosting, software and games. The bootstrapped forum is also fast becoming an invaluable source for bootstrappers to share ideas, link and advice to the community.


jason-robertsjustin-vincentJason Roberts & Justin Vincent

The tech podcast with the most variety. This show is generally about lean startups and getting ‘the madness’ on new side projects. Both Jason and Justin have full time jobs at Uber and digedu respectively but have various side projects ranging from a kids tech academy, to boostrapped SaaS apps. They also work together on their latest startup, anyfu.

Topics range from outsourcing virtual assistants, javascript frameworks, tech companies and life-hacking  through to zombies, cognitive biases and algorithmic trading systems!

Startups for the Rest of Us

mike-taberrob-wallingMike Taber & Rob Walling

Fast-paced, insightful and meticulously planned and executed. This is the gold standard podcast for startups. Rob and Mike break down advice in to actionable steps to help you start and grow your business.

They have both made successful strides from working full time, through to consulting and finally running their own products. Incredible advice from two experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience from decades in the industry. Their products include HitTail, microconf, Altiris Training and drip.


patrick-mckenziePatrick McKenzie

Patrick, the internet optimisation superstar, produces full, in-depth podcast episodes. They are packed with the secrets of A/B testing, conversion rate optimisation and profitable SEO strategies. Perfect for SaaS owners who aren’t charging enough and are struggling with the long, slow SaaS ramp of death. Full transcripts provided. A must listen (and he promises to be releasing more frequently now!).

Chasing Product

christopher-hawkinsChristopher Hawkins

The transition from consulting to products can be difficult. Christopher interviews those who have made the leap successfully. With past guests including Josh Pigford, Rachel Andrew and Joanna Wiebe this podcast chronicles the experiences of those who are now bootstrapping full time.

Our Own Little Accelerator

sean-fioritto aaron-francis paige-robinson barry-welch michael-buckbee vivek-gani

Sean Fioritto, Aaron Francis, Paige Robinson, Barry Welch, Mike Buckbee and Vivek Gani

This quirky but relaxed podcast has six regular guests who are all in various stages of bootstrapping success. Whilst not that regular, the podcasts episodes are full of interesting discussion, useful strategies and tech banter.

How to Build a RocketShip

joelle-steinigermatt-goldmanmichael-sacca Joelle Steiniger, Matt Goldman & Michael Sacca

The most rigid format of the podcasts in this list, HowToBuildARocketship is fixed at 20minutes and follows the interview format. Topics range from the early stages of startup life and quitting your job to finding your first 1,000 customers.


A mention should go to a few other podcasts which focus on the lifestyle and motivational side of the business including The Lifestyle Business Podcast, The Foolish Adventure Show, GrowthackerTV, EntrepreneurOnFire and Jason Cohen.

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