Bootstrappers 2017 – A Year in Review

Following the last four years of doing this, it's time for another Year in Review 2017! Here is a selection of the best ‘Year in Review’ articles by bootstrappers and solopreneurs for 2017.

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Justin Jackson: A Year In Review 2017

Justin Jackson Justin Jackson

2017 year in review

The ubiquitous Justin Jackson took an introspective view on 2017 and realised that sometimes time away from the screen can be profitable in its own right. From personal issues to personal retreats, Justin experienced it all. Plans for 2018 include a foray in to SaaS. Stay tuned for details!

Jason Swett: A Year In Review 2017

Jason Swett Jason Swett

2017 Review and 2018 Goals and Plans

Another open and honest write up from the ever-entertaining Jason. A slightly disappointing start to the year with training and books ended up being the highest-income year ever and the second-best year for product revenue. With an impressive goal of $100K for 2018, we're supporting you Jason. Perhaps we'll meet again in Virginia one day!

Phil Derksen: A Year In Review 2017

Phil Derksen Phil Derksen

2017 Business Year in Review

Phil has seen revenue growth of 128% YoY for his wordpress plugin, WP Simple Pay and that's what he has doubled down on. After selling his other plugins and bringing his wife on board, it's set to be another successful 2018.

Joel Hooks: A Year In Review 2017

Joel Hooks Joel Hooks

What I Learned and Did in 2017

Joel has had it all in 2017. Grief and tragedy in his personal life yet he is managing to survive day by day. On the business front, he made some mistakes but ultimately grew his business by 20%. How did he do it? Simple: doubling down on what was working and ignoring everything else! All whilst growing his email list to 10M emails and expressing himself with yet another arm tattoo. Congrats Joel, please keep up the fantastic work with egghead.

Mojca Mars: A Year In Review 2017

Mojca Mars Mojca Mars

Super Spicy Media: Year in Review 2017

The nonpareil Mojca doubled her revenue in 2017 YoY! A spectacular achievement that also came with some personal goals: speaking at 4 conferences, hiring a PA, launching the Facebook Ads Academy and entertaining many of us with her vlog. Let's not forget another small(!) milestone: a beautiful marriage ceremony - congrats Mojca!

Carrie Dils: A Year In Review 2017

Carrie Dils Carrie Dils

My Business Year in Review: 2017

Carrie had an eventful (and sometimes challenging) year of travelling, launching her 5th course on LinkedIn Learning and began her first foray in to self-published course content at The Fearless Freelancer. She also fostered existing and new relationships including meeting the ever-charming Sherry Walling and Anna Jacobsen.

Jane Portman: A Year In Review 2017

Jane Portman Jane Portman

UI Breakfast Year in Review 2017

Jane’s review of her business, UI Breakfast, is modest as her achievements are plain as day: started and sold a successful SaaS business (TinyReminder), started another SaaS business (UserList) all whilst growing her email list and launching a new product, her consulting guide. Great work, Jane!

Brendan Hufford: A Year In Review 2017

Brendan Hufford Brendan Hufford

Annual Review 2017

Brendan enjoyed a little self reflection in 2017 and is happier than ever. In addition to focusing on his business, Photo MBA, he spent more time with friends and family. Keep it up, Brendan